common questions have popped-up along the way, so we jotted our replies below.

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Do CLients have to pay to contact or contract talent in the JILLS Gallery?

Nope.  In order to best advocate and honor our members' desire to work in their way & within their preferred payment structures, we do not charge any fees for direct client to Jill connections. The Jills Gallery is intended to be an open & easily accessible marketplace. Jills join often, so check-in frequently.

Can I  contact or hire a Jill directly WITHOUT any ADDITIONAL steps or approval?

YES! That's the whole idea. We encourage clients and Jills to meet, greet, network, chat and build connections as much & as often as possible. 

Personal connections build stronger professional relationships. Period.  So with that as our guiding principle, we foster Jill & client matches on their own terms and within their preferred meeting formats. The goal is to create sustainable working relationships that last over years and many projects. 

How does hiring a jill actually work?

It's a clean and uncluttered process. There are 2 ways for clients to find the right Jill:

  1. Clients can search for free via the Jills Directory to find suitable matches to their project needs & reach out directly to as many Jills as relevant.
  2. Clients can Post a Project that will route to the full Jills member community. As responses volley back, the client contacts directly as relevant. * There is a $35 fee for this option.

Why is the Talent in the JILLS Directory so openly featured?

Having all Jills featured prominently and equally within the gallery allows clients to view the breadth and depth of talent. Other hiring sites keep their talent behind a 'curtain', but this approach puts talent in the shadows and triggers a competitive job-bidding dynamic, which always leaves work-quality lacking. Instead, we uniquely put the Jills 1st & forward in an accessible spotlight, which we boldly and proudly broadcast.


Absolutely! In fact, they already do & did :-) Our philosophy is guided by the high value that we place on building Community & Collaboration. Anyone who rallies for this same mission is welcome and encouraged to join our workforce revolution. 

Do all Jills have similar expertise?

We intentionally designed the community to represent a BREADTH & DEPTH of talent across a wide range of specialties and industries. The Jills' variety of expertise provides a rich network of peer & project collaborators to "team-up to scale-up". And this diversity also offers clients a robust 1-stop-shop for many different types of project needs to grow their businesses. No need to go on the hunt every time a new project pops-up. THE JILLS is convenient as a go-to.

I'm  ALREADY busy with steady CLIENTS &  work flowing in, so why join the Jills?

Awesome! Congratulations for setting-up a successful and sustainable shop. You are the model of the future of work. 👊🏼  Jills who are also on your solid footing will gain a community, often missing while working solo. Tapping into a network of fellow solo professionals fills the gaps for the social connections needed for healthy work-life balance & ensures that you stay in-the-loop with peer best-practices and potential project collaborators. 

In addition to the community aspect that THE JILLS creates, hitching to our large-scale promotional exposure adds marketing heft and business credibility. Even the mightiest of solos is still one tiny needle in a massive & messy inter-webs haystack trying to get found. More is definitely more when it comes to linking together. 

I Joined the Jills. I already have my own WEBSITE, so How am I getting a bigger marketing reach?

Hip, hip, hurray & huzzah! Welcome!  

THE JILLS allows you access into our large-scale promotional exposure, that complements and augments your individual efforts.  We promote the talent collective as a whole, and at the individual Jill level, which provides an incremental boost to your marketing reach at a national, regional & local level. THE JILLS champions promoting YOU and can do so with a much larger impact.

Our proven philosophy is that all boats float when the tide is high. So by pointing all arrows to THE JILLS in every iteration and at every opportunity, all talent will be lifted higher than if flying solo.

Why do you lead workshops for Businesses?

We lead workshops, presentations and network the heck out of every opportunity for 2 key purposes: 

  1. Promoting the Jills
  2. Educating businesses & industry sectors on why THE JILLS is a smarter way to run a business, being more agile, efficient & cost-effective.

I want to be a jill, but I don't know how to market myself as a solo. how do I get going?

Many reasons will shift a professional into a need or a want to work independently:  work-life balance, care-giver flexibility, semi-retirement, corporate buy-out or bounce-out. These professional transitions represent a massive opportunity for reinvention. We know it can be scary, but also an exciting time.

To serve pending-Jills just like yourself, we created a suite of Personal Branding Services. We will work personally and directly with you to identify your marketable & transferable skills to position your new career as a solo. THE JILLS will craft your story with smart clean visuals that serve as your bio, resume, CV, etc. This part of THE JILLS is near and dear to our hearts ❤️since we've lived it ourselves. Reinvent & invent a new professional life. It's doable.

Can I work with a Jill who is not in my local area?

Of course! Technology facilitates smooth engagements, so if that's your preferred format, feel free to contact any Jill who fits your work needs.