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"Head-Shot Happy Hour"

Join THE JILLS at our Head-Shot happy hour event in our midwest regional hub!

Take shot and put yourself out there, while we take your headshot.  Let the JILLS showcase your specialized talent and you'll find the community and contacts you need to grow your business. Come with a bright face, a bright smile and ready to put your new best foot forward!

This event is open to anyone in need of a spruce-up, refresh, or redo of a professional head shot- a critical element required for doing business today in any industry and at any level.

Mix , mingle ad meet fellow professionals over snacks and drinks. You'll have the opportunity to learn about THE JILLS at our Head-Shot happy hour event in our midwest regional hub.  

Reserve your appointment for an on-site photo shoot prior to the event, as we will only be able to accommodate a limited amount of photo sessions. After the event, you will select a final image from the multiple shots. Final photo will be delivered electronically, and will include all necessary editing & retouching for a professional and polished presentation.

Jill members attend this event with no charge, and also receive a special discounted offer on photo session booking.

And, if you join the JILLS during this event, you'll be able to tap into our special on-boarding services such as discounted professional head-shot and a writer consult to create your personal JILLS profile. An exclusive annual membership discount will also be a perk.