THE FIRST JILLS,  Co-Founders:     Corinne Neil &  MEGAN A.C. BOSWELL

OUR Story

with 45 years combined experience in fortune 500s, executive teams, multiMILLION DOLLAR budgets and consulting with start-ups, corporate giants and everyone in between, Megan and Corinne have built portfolio careers that have taught them to work smarter, live fuller, carve their own niche, and get the right talent for the right job at the right time.

They also know that writing all that work history down in one sentence makes it sound way easier than it really is.

The truth is these two shared many career stories over their years of friendship, and their camaraderie allowed them to learn from one another, hold each other accountable, share networks, collaborate, and ultimately create a space where they could both build the portfolio careers they craved. Before too long, it made sense to them to seek out others who might be doing the same thing. The power, it seemed, was in working solo, but not siloed.

Hungry for more people, more community and more learning, Corinne and Megan pedaled their (coincidentally) matching pink and orange bicycles around their city in search of ideas, experiences, and efficiencies in the project-based economy. They sought entrepreneurs of every variety from store-front owners to start up tech geniuses to frightfully qualified consultants operating out of their favorite locations in their homes.  They had hundreds of conversations in coffee shops and wine bars, over the phone and over cups of tea, to try and understand the ins and outs of what was working in the project-based economy and what wasn’t. They were lucky enough to have a network that spanned the nation and even touched places around the globe. They learned from the best, cringed at the worst, and laughed with so many friends, colleagues, and businesses owners over shared stories of amazing projects, crazy projects, no-budget projects, failed projects, and deep-down-change the world projects that they knew it was time to embark on a new adventure.


A community-driven platform that supports and promotes Independent professionals and connects business clients to project-based talent.

Here at THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ we support Consultants, Creatives, Independent Contractors, Solo Professionals & Entrepreneurs. We provide a platform to showcase talents, promote professional experiences, and provide opportunities to meet and collaborate. THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ offers smart and simple infrastructure tools that allow independents to run more efficient businesses. We help our community carve a road-map when needed, and get out of the way when they are racing forward. THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ encourages and facilitates mentoring. We create and value community. We share resources, ideas, talents, and projects. We honor and champion each other and our work style. Our platform connects independent professionals to each other, and to the businesses who seek and need their talents.  And most importantly we have fun doing all of it! 

Our Mission

It’s simple.

We Support & promote independents and build a community where we all lift each other to a place higher than we'd ever get to on our own.

Though our mission is simple, delivering against it certainly is not. So every day we rally on behalf of our passion and our Jills community.

OUR Members

The heart and soul of THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES ™ are the Jills themselves- the talented individuals and "dynamic-duo" teams who mentor, support, promote, connect, and collaborate with each other & provide specialized skills to the clients who need their expertise. They shine bright on their own, but are stronger and brighter when banded together.

The Jills represent a curated & vetted diverse range of expertise and level of experience. This broad talent spectrum not only fuels the member community, it also better serves the hiring clients providing a "one-stop-shop" for their varying project needs. As much as each Jill is quite unique, what they commonly share is the need to connect in a more personal way with peers & clients to build stronger and sustainable professional relationships.

Our members reflect the growing trend of Consultants, Creatives, Independent Contractors, Solo Professionals & Entrepreneurs who currently stand 53 million strong in the U.S. alone.  Each year this project-based talent pool continues to grow at an explosive rate, due to the perfect storm of current global economic & technology trends, and shifts in work-life balance. While the number in total is growing rapidly, typically the individuals within this workgroup remain just that- individual... alone, siloed, and fragmented.

We believe in 'power in numbers' to be seen and to be heard and we proudly and happily toot each others' horn, since most Jills are too humble, or quite frankly, too darn busy running their businesses to do it for themselves. 

Beyond their core professional skills, our Jills rank high behaviorally in: emotional intelligence, multi-tasking, open communication, and peer support- all honed from adeptly juggling multiple clients & multiple projects. Although most of our Jills are women, in keeping with the higher percentage of U.S. independent professionals, THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES ™ is focused on building Community, Collaboration, and personal Connections, and all who rally to our mission and work style are welcome.

The Jills are changing the way we work and are creating a workforce revolution.

OUR Clients

Clients are from large corporations, new start-ups and established mid-size scale businesses. Whether the clients are a one-man-band business, a small yet mighty lean team, or are power-packed at 1000 cubicles deep, they ALL come to THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES ™ knowing that hiring the right person, for the right job, for just the right amount of time is a smarter and more cost-effective way to do business. Period. 

When all business resources shift in times of Start-up, Sprint, or Stall, the Jills fill in the gaps for clients and for each other for their own projects.

We provide an a la carte & on-demand talent pool to compliment and augment in-house staff. Our Jills take the guess-work out of the unpredictability and stress of internal resource planning during downtimes and spikes. Today's market demands real-time customer satisfaction. Businesses can't afford to miss the pace. Our clients know that having agile specialized talent at the ready is the best way to forward their goals.

Not only is hiring a Jill a more efficient way to do business, it is also the new norm as corporate downsizing continues, baby boomers retire leaving gaping brainpower holes, work-life balance is a demand now and not a wish, new parents refuse to miss child-rearing years, and millennials buck the 9-5 "stay until your gold watch" grind. Let's face it- the notion of a traditional desk job is outdated. And it should be, when technology allows us to work wisely at our convenience and peak time of productivity.

Our clients also know how difficult and time consuming it is to find high-quality specialized project-based talent that has been vouched and vetted, and can hit the ground running. Without a rare and lucky direct personal referral, finding an independent professional is a needle in the haystack. And the large big-box freelance hiring sites, where competition is valued over community, can be as scary as going on a blind date- you just never know who will show up. THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES ™ provides clients a safe and smart platform to match their specific project needs to a specific Jill, according to their preference of expertise, geography, and years of experience. 

OUR Promise

 THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES ™ puts people above profit and Process. We promise to protect your privacy and your best interest. We are mission-driven and actually mean it.


We are proud early adopters of the new P2P (Peer to Peer) Economy that you see reflected in our JILLS project-based talent platform, taxi cab apps, vacation apartment rentals, artisan on-line shops, and the easy exchange of recycled fashions.  

By aggregating undervalued and underutilized services, we create a smart and easy access for customers. We believe in cutting out useless steps to getting the product to the person. Think of the JILLS OF ALL TRADES ™ as the modern bulletin board in your local post office, but without the long waiting lines ;-)