what folks are saying about THE JILLS...

Carrie Anton, WONDER: An Idea Studio,             JILLS member

client Connections:

"THE JILLS opened up an amazing opportunity to us at Wonder: An Idea Studio to connect with a client that we wouldn't initially have marketed ourselves to directly. In hindsight, the potential for our creative-based skills to benefit a more technical-focused organization such as the Water Council didn't stand out. However upon meeting with Scott, the client, who needed a crowd-pleasing slideshow to interest investors, it was easy to see how well we could all work together. THE JILLS had the foresight to see an opportunity that we would've otherwise overlooked, and now we have a new client who's easy to work with and values our services. We can't thank THE JILLS enough"! 


scott mosley,  Director of Investment Strategies at the water council, MILWAUKEE           

hiring Jills:

"THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES is my go to for the highest quality, independent professionals.  Whether it's event planners, technical writers or social media experts, whenever I need top talent to augment my team, I turn to THE JILLS".

Anitra Hovelson,                                              JILLS member


"Before coming to The Jills, I was unsure of how to talk about my skill-set, as it was a conglomeration of many things I have done and I was rather new to the world of freelancing. They sat down with me and really dove into my 'deliverables,' helping me craft a professional, coherent personal brand that stands out. Corinne & Megan's combined experience and unique perspectives on how to best showcase my talents to prospective employers and partners was invaluable. They are very easy to work with and incorporate your own goals into the process".


(PICO) POSTDOC industry consultants organization, Milwaukee College of Medicine         


“The personal branding workshop was fantastic! I learned so much about how to effectively pitch myself in a meaningful and engaging way. The Jills were creative in their approach and refreshing in their presentation.


clarissa Muere, MILWAUKEE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE          

key note Speaking:

“The organizers of the most recent BIONet event in the Milwaukee area would like to thank THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ for an informative and engaging presentation on the sharing economy movement. This very important topic was novel and fresh for our audience. It was very well-received by our guests, many of whom represent the Milwaukee biotechnology and academic communities. Thank you, Jills!”

sarah caudill,  Jill Member                                         Astrophysicist & STEM Specialist          


“THE JILLS taught me what it means to market myself and that it can be a fun process. I enjoyed spinning the details of my every-day work into a whimsical story about myself. And for the first time, I have professional head shots that I can use on all my social media sites. The enthusiasm that Megan & Corinne showed when telling my story helped me to see that I really do have a lot to offer". 



stacey dickert, Jills member

network & community:

“Being part of the Jills has been an excellent networking opportunity as a solo professional. I have met many talented independent contractors and even have had the opportunity to collaborate with some of them. I love knowing that the Jills' network is there when I need it to fill in the gaps with high-quality, hard-working individuals. Did I mention that they are a lot of un, too? "