Ahem.  I'll admit it upfront. 

Reading a book about investors, finance, venture capitalists, or funding has never been very high on my list.  I'd rather curl up with Jane Austen, or laugh my guts out with David Sedaris, or get lost in some historical fiction about France or Spain or London. 

So the decision to read, Get Backed, was rather brave on my part - A sort of 'stretch' project that felt safe because the book had a cool shape, lots of graphics, and what looked, at the onset, like more words than numbers, and more stories than graphs.  So I took the leap.

And you should too!

Whether you're a business of one with no plan to expand, a new startup ready to scale, someone with a nugget of an idea or someone who wants to learn how to connect to an audience, this little gem of a book is for you. 

What it tells you about your customers makes it worth the read.

What it tells you about developing relationships makes it worth the read. 

What it tells you about pitching and presenting makes it worth the read. 

How it makes you think about your business and your opportunities makes it worth the read.

What it tells you about presentations and design and storytelling makes it worth the read. 

So go grab yourself a copy of Get Backed, by Evan Baehr and Evan Loomis.

The layout, the examples, the practicalities, and the information provided will give you a laser focus on how you can better connect with your people, communicate your vision, create the best slides ever, and ultimately fund and finances your ideas - all of your ideas.