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Get Your Jump Start. Advice to Stop Procrastinating.

Get Your Jump Start. Advice to Stop Procrastinating.

Procrastination is something we’ve all been guilty of now and then. (My particular form of procrastination includes popcorn, excessive organizing, and some form of social media.)

Whatever the specifics, I think it stems from a perception that their project will be difficult, expensive, or confusing. The key word is perception.

How then, can we get moving when stalled on a new project? Here are some tactics that have worked for me. READ MORE…

Filling the Gaps When Things Get Slow

Filling the Gaps When Things Get Slow

Life at my house took a drastic turn over the weekend. Tax season is in full swing so Greg (he’s a CPA) is pretty much living at the office (poor guy!). Not only that, my 16-year-old daughter, Emily, left for a fabulous vacation with her dad for a week.

Both of which mean lots of alone time for me!

As someone who’s used to – and enjoys – feeling at capacity most of the time, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I began by cleaning out every closet in the house, a task which actually turned out to be quite rewarding. Next, I began reading Simon Sinek’s, Start With Why.

After a while, though, it occurred to me that this newly found time is rare and temporary. So I decided to take more deliberate steps to improve things here at RocketGirl headquarters.

If you’re interested in doing the same, here’s what I recommend: READ MORE…

Is Your Business Ready for the 'College Tour'?

Is Your Business Ready for the 'College Tour'?

You get the picture. This “soft stuff” matters. And while none of it replaces the need for you to do a wonderful job with your clients, if you lose them during the “campus tour phase,” you may never get that opportunity!

Say sayonara to your sofa and & say hello to Deskpass

Say sayonara to your sofa and & say hello to Deskpass

Okay gals, we love working from home just as much as you, but to lead the future of work, we're going to need to ditch the yoga pants and the pyjamas once in while and get out of the house. 

Tools We Love - AndCo

There are no two ways about it.  Finding time to do your work and hunt up your work all while you manage the details of operating a business can make a gal think twice about the so-called freedoms of being a solo-preneur.  

And while we absolutely exalt the empowerment of working for yourself, we know that to truly feel empowered, you cannot be in perpetual work mode.


Quick 5 minute reads to keep you up to date on trends, tools, and tips for the solo professional.

We love giving props to women entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs. It is the future of work and the realm of all independents. In today's JILLS 5 post, we recommend taking a few minutes out of your day to read about Kimberly Lexlow and Jess Legge, Co-founders of Sifted, an email sorting service, as they open up about the benefits of investing in a coworking space and the need for more women to consider doing the same. 

4 Reasons Why More Women Should Join a Co-Working Space | Entrepreneur |

If You Don’t Know It’s Broken, How Can You Fix It?


Our JILLS have great things to say and we're so happy to share it! 

Belinda Wasser is the founder of Rocket Girl Solutions and a guest contributor to THE JILLS NEWS. With over 25 years of experience in business workflow and logistics, Belinda offers up practical advice on running your business so it isn't running you. We're proud to have Belinda as one of our JILLS OF ALL TRADES and welcome her expertise in working with solo professionals and small business owners as their part-time business managers. Belinda loves taking care of the daily details and minutiae so business owners can get back to the work they love doing!

I was poking around my client Stephen’s web site the other day. We just began working together and he had asked for my opinion of the site and its content.

Before long, I found my way to the Contact page. There was a form for visitors to get in touch, so I filled it in with my own info to see what would happen.

I pushed “submit” and up popped a screen with this message: “Thank you for using InstaForm Plug-in for WordPress.” Uh oh. Clearly this was a default message that should have been customized but never was.

Wait. It gets better.

A few minutes later, I received an automated “welcome message” email, one that looked like it was generated by a computer from the ’80s (courier type font). Among other things, the email said, “Thank you for contacting us. A representative will be in touch with you shortly.”

A representative, you say? Odd, since Stephen works alone (and always has). You get the picture.

Fortunately, these were easy problems to fix. But the experience highlighted a bigger problem I often come across when reviewing systems and processes of small businesses: Somebody has set something up … but nobody has ever tested it!

The moral of the story? Look at every aspect of your business from an outsider’s point of view and make sure everything functions as expected.

Here are a few places to check to get you started:

1. Your voicemail messages. When someone calls your voicemail, do they get an automated message repeating your phone number? Do they get a message that sounds flat and dry? Are they asked to “leave a message at the beep,” as if anybody in 2016 still isn’t sure how to use voicemail?

Or, instead, do they hear your happy self, asking them to leave a message and telling them you’ll get back to them. (Easy trick: Stand up and smile when you record your voicemail greeting message!)

2. Your newsletter sign-up process. How easy is it to fill in the form? How many questions do you ask (the fewer the better)? What happens after you hit the submit button? Is an email confirmation sent? What does it say and how does it look?

In short, how can you use this as an opportunity to stand out and make a great first impression?

3. Your shopping cart. Do you have things for sale on your site? Here as well, test it by buying some things and seeing what happens. Make sure the coupon codes work. See how easy (or confusing) it is to check out and complete a purchase.

Remember, fixing problems when they occur is important. But unless you are testing your processes and systems on an ongoing basis, you may never know that anything is broken! Little things matter – especially when you are a small business – make sure everything is ship shape.

Originally published on Rocket Girl Solutions:

Unplug: disconnect to really connect


It may be time to take the work day back.

I know many of us started solo careers so that we could shake the shackles of the 9 to 5, but our hyper-connected digital lives are creating a space for us to work anywhere, anytime... and it seems that might be exactly what we're doing. 

And of course, those of us working as solos are not the only ones feeling it.  The blur of the line for sending and replying to work email and posting to social media has all of us too often feeling the need to work all the time. And we all understand why. It seems that even when we try to put that darn smart device away, we wonder and worry what we might be losing out on if we're not checking in. And in doing this, we're actually forgetting what we are indeed losing out on - the life in front of us that very moment.


Was that what we wanted? 

Far too often our shift to being a solo leaves us feeling so dependent our on smart devices to stay 'connected', 'in the loop', and at the 'fore of everyone's mind' that we can forget that real connections come when we meet face-to-face, have conversations, extend ourselves, teach one another, learn, talk, listen, socialize, and make friends, and build community. 


Because how connected can we be to the people, places, and experiences that are happening right in front of us when we're constantly pulled away and looking at something else; literally or metaphorically. 

So in the spirit of building a work lifestyle that really works, here are few ways to consider unplugging with confidence in order to possibly connect authentically. 

  1. Set working hours. Do this for you and for your clients. It doesn't have to be Monday to Friday 9-to-5 if you don't want that, but being clear about when you're available will help you get comfortable leaving that voicemail or email until 'opening hours'. Letting your clients know when your shop opens and closes will also help them understand when to expect to connect. This clarity in communication will make everyone happier.
  2. Power-down to promote creation over consumption. There is plenty to consume.  Plenty. You'll do yourself and your business a favor if your 'creating hours' outweigh your 'consumption hours'.  Make sure and tip your scale toward creation. 
  3. Better manage your time online with smart tools. There are several online tools that can block access to specific websites for different time periods, like Selfcontrol, or that can completely disable your internet connection for a defined time period, like Freedom. Try them! 
  4. Take extended technology breaks and build them into your calendar. This might be for certain hours or certain days, and when you get brave enough this might even be for certain weeks. Planning these technology breaks helps you be more mindful and intentional about your 'tech breaks' and helps you build the discipline to step away from that phone. 
  5. Host unplugged events.  Go on, give it a try.  It's really okay if there are no social media photos to confirm all that fun at your event! 

There really is no one 'right way' to unplug from work, so do what makes sense to you. But try unplugging, if for no other reason than to know, that we can still connect even when we're disconnected.


Spring Cleaning Career Tips



By Meg Rothstein | Illustrated by Stacey Anderson | BRAVA MAGAZINE

Thanks to Meg Rothstein for soliciting tips from the JILLS to feature in her article...

While we’re prepping our flower beds, opening our windows wide and chasing dust bunnies out the door, we can put the classic spring cleaning momentum to work in other areas of our lives. If we take the time to clear all the clutter—including the various things that fill our minds, take our time, deplete our energy and weigh us down—a good spring clean helps us live a little lighter in many ways.

“We are a consumerist culture that really values achieving, getting, accomplishing, accumulating,” observes UW Health psychologist Shilagh Mirgain. “Often, a reflection of success is how much ‘stuff’ we have, how many awards we’ve won, how many achievements we’ve racked up. Early in life, especially, many people spend a lot of energy really focused on that.”

It stands to reason, then, that we not only have a potential plethora of things but also deep emotional ties to things, whether actual physical possessions or more line items on our vita or resume. Additionally, we house the “stuff” of shame, such as disappointments or social connections that deprive us more than they nourish us.

“We can sometimes equate more with better. As well, things can tie us to our life’s history—those highlights, those things we’re proud of—but this can also be a trap we fall into,” says Mirgain. “All these ‘things’ take up space. Over time, they can no longer serve their purpose.”

The result? “We can become so cluttered—whether it’s having all these Facebook friends that we must keep up with, or business networking we must do, or even just physical items we have to dust in our homes or activities for our families that have us running ragged. We can, over time, become overwhelmed and disconnected from our deeper truths about who we are, what we stand for, what we value and wish to do with our lives,” Mirgain cautions.

But there is much hope—and ’tis the season to bloom. We can start by taking back control of all that stuff to make room for possibility—for those things, concepts, people and ways of being that can bring us nourishment, creativity, energy, serenity and wholeness.

How? We asked our BRAVA THRIVE Conference, THRIVE Career Workshop and THRIVE Luncheon speakers for their expert spring cleaning tips and tricks, for freshening up the way we work and live.

Career Cleanse

Going through the motions at work? Use spring as a reason to stop and think about how things could be better—and make a plan of action. This might take you all the way to a new career, or you could find that just a few tweaks will help you rekindle your passion at your current job.  –Darcy Luoma, life, leadership and systems coach, Darcy Luoma Coaching and Consulting

Schedule a fresh professional headshot each year to keep up to date. Clean off your bulletin board to start a fresh mood inspiration visual each year and place your mood board prominently. Out with the old! –Megan Boswell, co-founder, THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™

Design some notecards and commit to mailing handwritten notes of thanks or encouragement every single week. –Corinne Neil, co-founder, THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™

Clean up electronic devices. Part of my nesting habit is to clear my desktop, organize folders, put up new professional pictures and change the background on email templates. It helps me feel renewed. –Amy Gannon, co-founder, Doyenne Group

Start to think of yourself like a business and carve out dedicated time to identify what you do, how you do it, who you’re helping, who helps you and how people know about you. It’s a great exercise in recognizing where you’re on track and where you might be off the rails. –Corinne Neil, co-founder, THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™

Take stock of where you are in your career and ask yourself if you’re satisfied. If you are—awesome! If you’re not, visualize where you want to be, a deadline and what personal development investments you need to make to get there. Make a plan, take action and seek out a mentor or coach who can help you get there. –Lisa Peyton-Caire, assistant vice president of Life, Learning & Events at Summit Credit Union

Clean up your resume. What have you accomplished since your last update? What mission-critical projects have you completed ahead of schedule or under budget? Have you taken on any new leadership roles or improved your expertise through recent education? Get your resume job search ready. –Deborah Biddle, leadership and development coach, High-Performance Development Solutions

Pull out your calendar and starting making some dates. Schedule time for coffee at least once a month to build more personal connections with colleagues. –Corinne Neil, co-founder, THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™

A focused professional surrounds herself with people who energize, support and inspire her to be her best self. But sometimes we’re affiliated with toxic co-workers or colleagues that don’t support our brand—our values, attitude and work ethic. Set your boundaries, role model the desired behavior and fuel your mind with thoughts that nurture, support and set you up for success. –Ellen Bartkowiak, career management expert, EllenCoaching

Beautify Boundaries

Every one of us has a distinct type of sparkle that sets us apart from the rest. Just like maintenance sealing is essential to preventing stains on your granite counter tops, you need healthy boundaries to save yourself from the inner tarnishing caused by unhealthy relationships. Boundaries are not selfish and do not cut us off from others. They create a special seal around our hearts and lives, making sure we have time for those who desire and deserve us. Remember, you chose the black diamond granite for its gorgeous twinkle. Give yourself the same attention: Boundaries needed to say “no” to those whose energies dull your shine. Take care, and self-care, to sparkle. –Jessica Schultz, therapist, lifestyle coach and founder, BeYOUtiful Minds & Fitness

Relationship Renewal

We are a reflection of those we spend the most time with, so be sure to make time for and surround yourself with those people who make you the happiest, best version of yourself. –Darcy Luoma

Do as one of my friends does: Maintain internal bliss and simplicity with an occasional “friendship garage sale.”
With compassion, grace and wisdom, she considers the people in her life and asks, “Are they bringing me value or do they always take more than they give?” As needed she minimizes interactions, gently communicates her boundaries or discreetly withdraws from the relationships. –Susan Young, change expert and author of the forthcoming book “Shift, Shed & Shine”

Let go of the “shoulds.”
Who do you spend time with because you “should,” even though that time drains you and makes you feel badly about yourself? This is your one and only life, so take the time to make sure that the majority of your relationships feed your spirit—it will increase your energy and joy. –Theresa Kim, life coach and founder of Suite 101 Experiences

Unplug to reconnect.
As enterprising women, we often get caught up in our smart phones, laptops and other devices while pursuing our dreams and changing the world. But some of the biggest and most important impacts we will ever make are with family and friends. Be fully present in the moment with the ones you love most. Your life will be richer for it. –Lisa Peyton-Caire, assistant vice president of Life, Learning & Events at Summit Credit Union

Nothing heals and energizes like love and someone to share your life and dreams with.
Once you find “The One”, hold on tight and nurture your love like you would any cherished possession. –Lisa Peyton-Caire, assistant vice president of Life, Learning & Events at Summit Credit Union

Feather Dust Those Finances

In order to reduce the amount of paper documents I have and storage I need, I recently created just three zippered binders to hold important papers, taken from the contents of my file drawers. With so many online records these days, you really only need to keep a baseline of information on your finances. Binders are a great way to organize documents you need to keep but don’t access regularly.

I created document binders for:


  • credit card, retirement, insurance premium, savings and checking account information

Job and Health

  • paystubs, health care records, will and power of attorney paperwork


  • for home information and product warranties

I was able to dedicate my desk file drawers to only those files I add to or access often, including flex spending, medical, my daughter’s school and activity paperwork, pet records and receipts. I now have drawer space for files filled with travel dreams and inspirations. –Amy Crowe, certified financial educator, personal finance guru and motivational speaker, Summit Credit Union

Set up a spreadsheet to track and log expenses, donations and mileage and find a simple app to capture all your receipts. –Megan Boswell, co-founder, THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™

Second to health, financial freedom is the most powerful asset a woman can have. With it, we have choices and options to shape our lives according to our own desires, and to move freely even when the unexpected arrives on our doorstep (and it will!). Assess your financial position this spring, be honest about where you need to make improvements, and take action. Don’t hesitate to seek out advice from a trusted financial coach or adviser. –Lisa Peyton-Caire, assistant vice president of Life, Learning & Events at Summit Credit Union

Spring Break Stay-Cation

Schedule a “stay-cation.” It doesn’t cost as much as taking a vacation and the benefits and peace of mind are priceless, says Sheba McCants, an arts, wellness and community enthusiast, and community engagement and events coordinator at Domestic Abuse Intervention Services. Her tips for uninterrupted and effective breaks:

Install a text auto-responder on your phones— at home and at work—and designate a “proxy” to handle your work responsibilities while you are away.

Set boundaries with yourself and others for your break to protect space and time to accomplish your goals.

Create systems that will help you stick to your boundaries and goals.

Have some fun and be a tourist in your own town. Think outside the box. Are there places within walking distance of where you live that you have never been?

Take sleep seriously. Restore your natural circadian rhythm.

Pay attention to who you are while you are on your stay-cation. Who are you when you are just you— free to be whoever you are?

Glowing Growth

Are you constantly filling your calendar with musts? You’re allowed to fill it with wants, too! If you put exercise, fun and relaxation on your calendar, then you are sure to have time for it. –Darcy Luoma, life, leadership and systems coach, Darcy Luoma Coaching and Consulting

Learn to play more. World-changing women often forget to play and replenish. Make play a practice. Schedule time for it like you would any other important meeting or task. You’ll live longer! –Lisa Peyton-Caire, assistant vice president of Life, Learning & Events at Summit Credit Union

Release and surrender are words that come up over and over when people are in times of growth. Take time to think of something that you try to control but can let go. What is one tiny thing you can toss out of your anxiety closet? Do something creative: It will help you get out of your head and figure out a true and aligned way to release and surrender more in your life. –Theresa Kim, life coach and founder of Suite 101 Experiences

Track your time daily for a month. Once you have the whole month recorded, take a hard look at it and determine whether your current time distribution matches your priorities. It is amazing how easy is to say no when you have that picture—it helps you see that you simply can’t afford to take on one more thing without letting something else go. –Tania Ibarra, CPA and visionary problem solver and strategist

We’re all spiritual beings who long for peace, joy and connection in life. Shape all your pursuits to align with what feeds your soul and brings you joy, fulfillment and peace of mind. Everything after that will fall into place. –Lisa Peyton-Caire

Well-Kept Wellness

After a winter inside on the couch, I love being able to spend more time outside in spring. The fresh air and vitamin D make me feel like a whole new person. –Darcy Luoma, life, leadership and systems coach, Darcy Luoma Coaching and Consulting

Nothing is more important than our mental and physical health. With it, we can do anything. Without it, our dreams and desires are compromised. Take a strong look in the mirror and assess your health—be honest— and get to work on improving in those areas where you need the most reinforcement. Strive to be physically and mentally strong and stable just as you would want your professional or business enterprises to be. –Lisa Peyton-Caire, assistant vice president of Life, Learning & Events at Summit Credit Union

Did you know that when we “stockpile” bulk food we are likely to eat a lot of it in a short time? In fact, we eat almost half of it in just a few days. Clean house! Get rid of your bulk, family-size containers so when summer comes and we take off our sweaters we will be comfortable with what is underneath. – Ann Garvin, health educator, professor and award-winning writer

Shine Up & Show Up

We can spring clean for an improved sense of community, too. Here are some invaluable tips from Deborah Biddle, leader and development coach and founder of High-Performance Development Solutions.

Renew your mind and behavior. Most of us believe that we are ethical and unbiased, objective and fair. But are we really? This spring, reset your thought processes to create more inclusivity and respect.

Check your initial thoughts. Your first impressions may be clues to any biases you have. Ask yourself, “Would I feel the same way, if this person were part of a different group?”

Be logical.  Process how many people you actually know that conform to your particular bias. You will likely find the number to be quite few. Avoid allowing urgency or professional pressures to cause you to override logic and default to bias. Stop and really see people for who they are.

Treat people how you want to be treated. It sounds basic and like something your grandmother might say but it’s true: When the urge to act on your bias creeps up, practice new language or new behaviors contrary to your bias. Add one new behavior each week for a month. They will soon become inclusive habits.

Call out micro-aggression. With body language, words and distinctly pernicious behaviors, we send subtle and not so subtle signals that adversely impact our current and future interactions with individuals we encounter at work and throughout our circles of influence. Don’t stand by and watch these indignities occur. Say something.

Promote connectedness. Value difference and concentrate on commonalities. Lead to connect ideas and people —as one who builds bridges between cultures, between gender, between generations, trying to find common ground. Reach out to people who are different and talk about music, food, movies, books or sports. As you realize how little difference exists, bias begins to fade.

Freshen up!

And get ready to THRIVE! Learn more from the experts in this story at BRAVA’s THRIVE Conference April 28. Shilagh Mirgain talks about flow—the new work/life balance—and the other experts in this story lead inspiring women’s workshops that empower, enrich and educate and even nurture entrepreneurial spirits. To register:

original article link:

Xero Out

Okay, first things first, if you're using the same bank account for your personal account and your business account - STOP. Get a business account and stop mixing your money. 

Whew. Now that's cleared up, let's talk about a robust and affordable online tool for keeping track of the money in your business account. 


professional Accounting software systems

For less than $10 a month, you can have this amazing online accounting software that will keep you on track with invoicing, and payments, and reconciling your accounts. You can code expenses and track mileage. It'll print reports galore.

And if you're not versed in bookkeeping or accounting, fear not.  The interface is intuitive, and even when you're not even sure what you're supposed to be doing, there are enough tutorials, and online help and chats to get you into the swing of it. 

So give it a whirl. You might find those weekly 'money dates' have a brand new zip to them. 

Take Time To Prep

Our JILLS have great things to say and we're so happy to share it! 

Belinda Wasser is the founder of Rocket Girl Solutions and a guest contributor to THE JILLS NEWS. With over 25 years of experience in business workflow and logistics, Belinda offers up practical advice on running your business so it isn't running you. We're proud to have Belinda as one of our JILLS OF ALL TRADES and welcome her expertise in working with solo professionals and small business owners as their part-time business managers. Belinda loves taking care of the daily details and minutiae so business owners can get back to the work they love doing!  Our JILLS have great things to say and we're so happy to share it in THE JILLS NEWS. 

Our JILLS offer up some of our best tips...

In this post, Belinda offers up her thinking and some strategies on setting up efficient systems to run your biz!

Authored by Belinda Wasser

I hate to cook.  In fact, I don’t even like eating that much. If I had my way I would be more like a car – hungry every few weeks for fuel, but that’s about it.

Luckily for me, my husband Michael does all the cooking at our house. And not just everyday cooking, I might add, but amazing and healthy delicious cooking. So even though he was willing to cook this past Sunday on Father’s Day, I decided to step up to the plate and give him a break.

Jill & author,  Belinda Wasser-Rocketgirl Solutions

Jill & author,  Belinda Wasser-Rocketgirl Solutions


Since the kitchen is kind of a foreign country to me, it’s not surprising that I got into trouble pretty quickly.

I didn’t set up the basics before I got going, so before I knew it, my hands and the counter were covered with “chicken juice.” I couldn’t get the supplies I needed from the cupboards without contaminating the whole place with salmonella, so I had to stop and wash my hands about a thousand times.

While it wasn’t quite “a disaster,” my time in the kitchen was inefficient. It took me a long time to get ready and a long time to clean up, and dinner was about an hour later than planned.

Michael, on the other hand, has a system for cooking.He knows what to do before he gets started, and he’s very meticulous with the prep work.He puts on his apron, gets out all the ingredients and, from what I can tell, doesn’t start the actual cooking until everything is prepared, sliced and diced.

He’s so organized about it that everything is ready at the same time, no matter how many things he’s cooking or how many people are eating.

In the midst of my cooking troubles last weekend, I realized that, for many small businesses, this is what it feels like when they don’t have the basics in place.There’s confusion, extra work, missed deadlines, and almost always missed opportunities and additional cost.

In short, it’s all about the prep work.And whether you’re starting a new business or you’ve been running one for decades, here are three important ways to get your prep work working for you:

  1. Organize Your Contacts. No matter what your business, always remember that it’s people who hire you, buy from you, and refer you.For many businesses, contacts are the most valuable assets, so it’s critical to get them organized.

    When I work on client databases, I begin by pulling together everyone the client knows, without editing people out.In my experience, anyone you know can refer someone to you, so don’t exclude them.

    Find a system that’s easy to use and allows you to categorize each contact. I use Outlook.It’s simple to use, I can easily export my information when I need to, and it easily syncs with my iPhone and iPad.

    Once your contacts are organized it’s much easier to keep in touch and build your LinkedIn connections, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers.

  2. Organize Your Work. One of the first things I do when I take on a new project or client is set up a folder in Outlook to store related email.

    Next, I set up a folder on my computer to store all of my electronic files, and a physical folder for the rest.I even have a dedicated spiral notebook for each client or project (see more on that, below…).If the project is complex and has lots of moving parts, I keep a detailed project plan at my fingertips so I can jump from project to project quickly.

    You don’t need to use my approach, but you do need to have an approach.Decide what works best for you and put it into action.

  3. Organize Your Financials. This one is a biggie so get professional help if necessary. One of my clients, for example, was having trouble tracking where the money was coming from.I suggested that he deposit each check separately to make it easier to match deposit records with invoices when reconciling accounts.

    Keep a notebook in your car to record your mileage and take a few minutes to make notes on your receipts so you can efficiently deduct your expenses or pass them through to clients.Make the time to reconcile your bank and credit card accounts monthly or hire someone to do it for you.

Remember, while it may feel overwhelming at times to manage the intricacies of running a business, much of that stress is often due to a lack of clear and efficient systems.

Take the time to set yours up in these three important areas and you’ll have more time to do the work you love.

Oh, gotta go! Dinner’s on the table and (thankfully) I didn’t cook it!  - Belinda Wasser

We ❤️ WeWork

Coworking just makes good sense.

Shared spaces, shared resources, community, collaborations, and connections.

And it makes even better sense when you’re coworking membership extends beyond the walls of a single building to office spaces, hot seats, and conference rooms across the nation and around the globe.

And that’s why we love WeWork.

With locations throughout the United States into Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we can’t say enough good about the opportunities this presents for entrepreneurs with businesses of any scale to be lean and agile, to grow organically, to build community, to learn and grow, to find mentors, and to connect with talent.

Cofounders Corinne Neil & Megan A.C. Boswell

Cofounders Corinne Neil & Megan A.C. Boswell

Add to it, WeWork’s penchant for honoring the history and the architecture of their buildings with an incredible sensibility and style, their ultra flexible membership options, their education programming, and we cannot imagine connecting with a better organization for the location of any business.

And that’s why THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ is excited to join the WeWork community.

We cannot wait to shine an even bigger light our JILLS MEMBERS while providing the WeWork community with a one-stop shop for on-demand, specialized talent.


Quick 5 minute reads to keep you up to date on trends, tools, and tips for the solo professional.

Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes offers up some smart commentary on the growing workforce trend of building portfolio careers and cross functional teams to retain and engage great employees. The article offers some food for thought for solo professionals and how they might engage with companies on new HR approaches.

Why I Started Training Employees to Leave Their Job | Fast Company | August 25th, 2016

Do the Hustle: THE JILLS 5

Quick 5 minute reads to keep you up to date on trends, tools, and tips for the solo professional.

Who doesn’t love free tools!  Check out Lindsay Craig’s list of online apps and services created to help you run your business more effectively and efficiently. From contract services and invoicing to goal setting and content creation, Lindsay offers up a brief summary of 15 of the latest and greatest to keep you moving forward and growing your biz.