1 Thing Women Entrepreneurs Can Do Today to Move Their Businesses Forward

Entrepreneurship, starting a business Women Empowerment THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™

Think through the grandest possible vision for your business.

Go ahead. Do it.  Dream the dream. And then write it down.

Don’t be shy.  Don’t hold back. Be bold. Be daring. Be confident.

Because whether you’re designing logos, baking cakes, making investments, coaching, selling, sewing or digging wells in Africa, there is some vision beyond your own economic gain that’s driving you to build this business.  

Entrepreneurship, starting a business Women Empowerment THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™

What is it? And how will the world, YES the world, be better because of it.

Because to some, it may seem like you bake cakes for parties, but deep down you know you’re really about preserving family history and memories across generations to make every day a living history.

Your clothing line might reflect your interest in fashion but it might also be your solution to the environmental crisis.

The way that you invest others' money might, of course, be smart and sage, but  it just might also be your contribution to building an economic future for the disadvantaged.

And your approach to real estate may have everything to do with your keen sense of design and personable demeanor, but what it’s really about is building neighborhoods and revitalizing communities to further our interconnectedness.

You see, creating a clear vision for your company helps you to better recognize just how far you can go and what kind of an impact you can have. Scale doesn’t matter.  You, the solopreneurs, small business owners, independent contractors, consultants and coaches, each and every one of you has the power to make an impact. So don’t be too afraid or too humble to imagine that you have the power to disrupt, innovate, and re-imagine. What world problem might you solve? What connections will you forge? What better future are you creating for us? All of us.

Acknowledging the potential of your impact is exactly what your business needs today to help you continually move forward.