Say sayonara to your sofa and & say hello to Deskpass

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DESKPASS + THE JILLS OF ALL TRADEs™ is a Winning Combination For The Future Of Work

Okay gals, we love working from home just as much as you, but to lead the future of work, we're going to need to ditch the yoga pants and the pyjamas once in while and get out of the house. 

Might we even suggest saying bye bye to the coffee shop. 

Now fear not.  We're not suggesting for one second that you trade your perfect home office or local barista for a cubicle and high heels.  No, it's nothing at all like that.

We know the future of work is not about 'going back', instead it's about creating the workstyle that's right for you. A new future of work. 

We do, however, want you to grow your potential and help create a thriving ecosystem for a future of work where women can lead. 

And we have just the thing to help you do just that. 

DESKPASS.  It's a multi-city coworking membership that provides affordable, flexible access to over 175 wonderful, diverse workspaces to work, learn and meet. With a Deskpass membership you'll have great places to get your work done throughout Chicago, NYC, LA, San Francisco, Denver, and Austin!

Imagine, an office and a community in 6 cities across the nation. And you won't have to forgo the home office or even the yoga pants.  You'll simply expand your options. 

Expand your locations. Expand your people. Build your tribe. Gain a national presence and a national network.  

It's a good plan.

And THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ and DESKPASS want to help get you started. 

Enjoy 60% off your first month of DESKPASS with discount code: THEJILLS.