UW Madison Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic

Legal Ducks in a Row

Remember Law & Order. That long time running prime time TV show where the stories followed crimes from the police department investigations all the way to the judge's gavel. 

For many years, my Thursday nights were punctuated with the signature Law & Order 'doink doink' sound that indicated a scene change. I loved that show. 

It's quite possible some version of the show is still running.  I've long since lost the 'free' time to stay up on prime time TV, and am more prone to TV show binges on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, so I'm not quite sure. 

But that's not the point, anyway.

The point is, as business owners, of any scale, we all need some Law & Order. 

And no, it might not be as sexy as Chris Noth or Jesse Martin solving complicated NY city crimes, but contracts and agreements and setting up business entities matter a whole lot more. 

In our journey with THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™, we've been so fortunate to access an amazing network of resources to help set us on our path.  And our Law & Order stemmed for one of these resources - UW Madison's Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic. 

Our assigned attorney, Chris Smithka, and law student, Chuma Offor, gave our business it's foundational structure and they were our first champions. They helped us see our blind spots, they facilitated important discussions, they encouraged us, validated our thinking, and ensured we had the right footing to get up and running. 

And shucks... for that we are forever grateful.