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It's a MAD, MAD World

When you're starting a new venture, or a new adventure, finding a community of support is critical.   Because when you're stepping out in a new territory, you're going to need to find experts, and mentors, and people who have walked a similar road before. You'll need advocates and evangelists, accountability partners and coaches. You'll need to nudge your way to the center of a web of networks. you'll need a group of peers to share the highs, the lows, the missteps, and the wins. You'll need to create structures for collaboration.

You'll need to make sure you don't take all of this on alone. 

Madworks program director, Louis Condon with JILLS cofounders, Megan & Corinne

Madworks program director, Louis Condon with JILLS cofounders, Megan & Corinne


We are forever thankful that we found a great community of support as we began to move THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ from an idea brewing in our minds as we collaborated in our basements, to an organized, thoughtful venture. The Madworks Seed Accelerator provided us 10 focused weeks to get our legal ducks in a row, secure some funding, set goals, get feedback, access new networks, and connect with a cohort of peers who made us laugh, extended us needed criticism, welcomed our ideas, championed us when we lost our footing, and made us feel like we were not alone on this crazy ride. 

It really is a mad, mad world out there, folks. Find your people. Know your tribe. Build your community.