JILLS SPOTLIGHT on Shaping What You Love Into Your Career

Candice Wagener  writer, editor, and researcher. THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™

Candice Wagener has always loved writing since her early years in elementary school to her current experiences as a freelance writer, journalist, and researcher.  She also loves making things from scratch - baking yummy treats, making healthy snacks, and creating homemade sugar scrubs and bath salts. And when time manages to offer her a moment of reprieve you might even find Candice sewing! Candice loves the opportunity to write about delicious food, early childhood education, women, families and entrepreneurship.  

Candice is one of our first members of THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ and is an avid supporter of women's entrepreneurship and empowerment.  She loves being part of a community of women supporting women. 

Here Candice shares her story of how combining her interests and her talents has allowed her to shape a flexible career that supports what she loves most -  family and writing. 

"I always knew I had a special talent as a writer because teachers as early as elementary school told me I was skilled and it was something I always enjoyed doing. I also loved working with children, so my initial career out of college was in early childhood education. I found not only did I love working with children, but also supporting their parents and caregivers. I worked full-time in the early childhood field for 12 years as a teacher, assistant director and director. In 2013, when my youngest child was about to enter kindergarten, I got the itch to work from home so that I could spend more time with my kids when they were done with school each day. I had always wanted a career in writing, so freelance writing from home seemed like a good fit. I still work part-time in the early childhood field at the UW Office of Child Care and Family Resources, so I am still able to support caregivers and families with young children."

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