THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ member, Jennifer Green Print & Web Designer shu shu design Branding and Digital Marketing

Jennifer Green wants to help YOU stand out.  And she's got the talent and the know how to help you do just that! 

Jennifer is a full service creative providing expertise in branding and web design from concept to production and is committed to helping socially responsible entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders, and progressive feminist political candidates stand out—online and in print.

 Jennifer is a member of THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ community and she's committed to helping raise the voices of women and their allies. Jennifer knows  that when we come together, we amplify our voices and establish our presence.  She's been championing the solopreneur lifestyle for almost twenty years and she's excited to see women consultants coming together in THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ platform to lead the future of work. 

Here Jennifer shares her career journey and shows us all how it is possible to feed your soul as you build your career, especially as a women and an entrepreneur: 

"I became interested in design while working and studying at UW-Madison. I volunteered with the Wisconsin Union Directorate and ran a film series there called Starlight Cinema. I developed a love for film that had started when I was young—my dad was a big movie buff and we went to the movies nearly every week. I even thought about becoming a film critic for awhile, but my fate was set when I took a job laying out a monthly 300 page catalog at a now defunct comic book distributer. I learned to use the layout programs of the era and we even made our own films for printing onsite. 

When that company was bought out, nearly everyone lost their jobs and I got a job as a mechanical/paste-up artist at
American Girl. Now you know how old I am, because that job no longer exists with the advance of digital tools. I worked at American Girl under the direction of Myland McRevey, who designed the original Pleasant Company logo, the first books, and the magazine. He was a brilliant mentor for me, and I had the good fortune to learn my trade apprentice-ship style instead of at a University program. 

Six years later, I left my position as an e-commerce Art Director for American Girl to start my own studio,
shu shu design. For sixteen years, shu shu design has worked with owners, professionals and leaders at progressive and socially responsible businesses, non-profits, cooperatives, and institutions to inform, persuade, inspire and sell to their audience with elegant, responsive websites, effective print communication and packaging that stands out on the shelf or online.

In 2017, I co-founded
Changing the Face of Politics with my long time friend and design colleague, Kim Strother. Changing the Face of Politics exists to improve gender and race equity in higher office by providing professional branding and digital marketing to help diverse progressive women candidates stand out and connect to their voters and donors."