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Forget the flexible desk… how about a flex apartment, co-working, and fitness membership in countries around the world AND a platform to promote your independent work style from wherever you are. THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ and Behere are making it possible to live + work in inspiring cites around the world one month at a time.

THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ is a powerhouse talent collective of WOMEN CONSULTANTS who offer professional services to businesses. The platform shines a spotlight on women solopreneurs, by offering an accessible & searchable online directory, and targeted resources to help create an ecosystem and an infrastructure for the future of work. Behere is the platform for women to live in cities around the world, without long-term contracts or obligations. The members-only platform provides access to carefully curated furnished apartments, workspaces and fitness studios for the growing population of women seeking alternative frameworks to live, work and travel. Together these two companies make it possible for women to live and work in cities around the world; build community; and gain large scale promotion to build a future of work that works for women.

Behere + THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ female forward companies female founders the future of work solopreneurs remote workers gig economy

Co-founders, Megan AC Boswell and Corinne Neil, caught up with Behere Cofounder and CEO, Meesen Brown to chat about female forward businesses, flexible workstyles on an international scale, and the future of work, and some of the best countries for living and working.

Megan & Corinne: All of THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ members are consultants who provide professional business services on a project-by-project basis, and many, because of technology, are not tethered to particular work locations.  What is it about the Behere platform that might be of interest them?

Behere cofounder and CEO Meesen Brown

MEESEN BROWN: The Behere platform would be of interest to them because we help women live in and work from cities around the world. We take the leg work out of living abroad and make it easy and possible for women to do this. We know many women that are not tethered to particular work locations want to do something like this but are too overwhelmed to actually take that leap - that’s where Behere comes it. We do the work for you, tailor the experience to you and work with you to help make this a fantastic, supported and seamless experience.

M&C: THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ was founded firmly on the recognition that women can, and should, lead the future of work.  Behere is also a female focused platform. Tell us about your decision to be a company that supports women. What has been the response to being a ‘women forward’ platform?

MEESEN BROWN: I have always wanted to create something that supports and empowers other women. I think it’s incredible fulfilling and exciting to see women supporting each other and pushing through barriers. We also see that women face higher barrier when it comes to traveling and living abroad. In addition to the fact that women value flexibility more than men, are traveling more often on their own and are becoming more adventurous as solo explorers. We’ve been fortunate to have such an overwhelming response to what we’re doing. I think this is something women have been craving and many women are looking for ways to rid themselves of toxic work environments and have more autonomy. There is also a shift in value systems from material based to experiential. This coupled with the fact that women are always looking for ways to constantly grow, learn, connect and network. Living in a new city and stepping out of your comfort zone does just that.

M&C: What do you think is critical for people curious about Behere to know? What questions should they ask to better understand if a Behere membership makes sense for them?

MEESEN BROWN: Behere is an inclusive community for all women who crave flexibility. We help women create a lifestyle that meets their individual needs and wants. We do this by providing women the foundation to live in cities around the world and taking care of all the challenging, time consuming and overwhelming tasks. We’ve become experts at understanding what women want and finding the best partners, neighborhoods, and spaces to fit our high standards.


We provide our members with verified, furnished private apartments, creative workspaces, tailored fitness memberships, city guides, an amazing local city host, community events, pre arrival information and more! So instead of signing a year long lease, you're able to join Behere and live where you want, when you want, without hassles.

Our community ranges from women who have fully remote roles to women who are long time entrepreneurs or just starting out to women who are in the in-between and figuring out what is next. Behere is for you if you’re simply looking to get out of your comfort zone and finally start living where you want.

Behere + THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ female forward companies female founders the future of work solopreneurs remote workers gig economy

We’re active in 12 cities and growing (stay tuned!), we have a supportive infrastructure in place, year round. This lets women choose when and where they want to live, a month at a time.

To learn more about Behere and chat with someone on our team you head to and create a profile to schedule your call to ask questions and ensure it's a fit!

M&C: As estimates suggest that more than half of the US workforce will work ‘freelance’ within the next ten years, why do you think it’s important as a nation, maybe even as a global economy, that we create infrastructure and ecosystems that can support and sustain the rapidly growing ‘gig’ economy? What is your hope for the future of work? Will role will Behere play in this future?

Behere + THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ female forward companies female founders the future of work solopreneurs remote workers gig economy

MEESEN BROWN:  We think this is so important because the way we live, and work, is changing and peoples value systems are changing with it. What we’re creating at Behere is not just about remote work, it’s about the future of living and work. It’s about providing a sustainable way to thrive in your lifestyle. Our mission at Behere is to help women thrive in flexible lifestyles and create a future of living and work, that better aligns with their wants and needs. We hope the future of work continues to evolve and more and more roles develop that accomodate remote work, as we know great work can be done from anywhere. We continue to push forward at Behere to educate on the future of work and the benefits for everyone (and the environment).

M&C: We know that one of the many advantages of working independently and leveraging technology is building clientele outside of your local region and having the flexibility to work from anywhere and Behere really makes that ‘anywhere’ a reality. Given that our JILLS MEMBERS are based across the nation, and with our first foothold now in Europe, we’re wondering how Behere works with women based in different countries with different currencies?

MEESEN BROWN: We’re proud to have such a diverse community at Behere and have women from over 8 countries currently using Behere. To make the process easier regardless of the country your based in we send Pre Arrival Documents with all the important information needed ahead of time. This includes currency conversions, and notes about transportation, language, etc. We also connect our members with our incredible local city hosts ahead of time who are amazing and meet the members once they’ve arrived and share all their favs about the city.

M&C: Okay… so we’re dying to know. What’s the most popular current location among your membership? What do you think they love about it?

Behere + THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ female forward companies female founders the future of work solopreneurs remote workers gig economy

MEESEN BROWN: In Europe, Barcelona is currently the most popular. I think this is the case because it’s such an amazing city. With incredible architecture, people, culture, cuisine and access to the rest of Europe, this Mediterranean city is hard to beat. I fell in love with it there and currently base myself between Barcelona and NYC. In Asia, definitely Bali, Indonesia is the most popular. I think women see it on Instagram and it looks like a dream, and frankly it is! With amazing healthy food, beautiful beaches and a laid back surfer vibe, Bali is a personal fav of mine as well :).


Meesen Brown is the CEO & cofounder of Behere, a flexible living platform that helps women live and thrive in cities around the world, without long-term contracts or obligations. She’s lived in over 8 countries and knows new places and experiences fuel inspiration and creativity.



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 Behere is helping women live and thrive, in cities around the world. We provide our members with verified private, furnished apartments, creative workspaces, tailored fitness class access and networking and community events in each city we’re in.

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