PODCAST LISTEN-UP: On Starting-Up, Standing-Up + Never Giving-Up

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THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ Co-Founders, Megan Boswell and Corinne Neil recently joined James Kademan , host of the Authentic Business Adventures Podcast series for a rolicking and candid hour in the studio to share their start-up story, their decision to be female-focused despite lots of advice to do otherwise, and how a night out with the gals for a glass a wine can be rich ground to uncover your next business idea.

James is the owner of Draw in Customers Business Coaching, co-owner of Calls on Call and author of The Bold Business Book.  James is passionate about helping others create and grow businesses by busting through the myths and sound-bites of entrepreneurship to reveal the truths and tenacity of owning your own business. His genuine curiosity and warmth gives his podcast guests a space to open up about their entrepreneurial journey, while his listeners benefit from hearing about lessons learned, pivots, pitfalls, small wins, big wins, and as Megan puts it in this taping, the ‘fundamental importance of STAMINA’.


Listen in to hear about the power of women’s voices shaping a future of work that works for women, while Corinne, Megan and James explore the business paradigm shift of collaboration over competition.