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PODCAST LISTEN-UP: On Starting-Up, Standing-Up + Never Giving-Up

PODCAST LISTEN-UP: On Starting-Up, Standing-Up + Never Giving-Up

THE JILLS OF ALL TRADES™ Co-Founders, Megan Boswell and Corinne Neil recently joined James Kademan , host of the Authentic Business Adventures Podcast series for a rolicking and candid hour in the studio to share their start-up story, their decision to be female-focused despite lots of advice to do otherwise, and how a night out with the gals for a glass a wine can be rich ground to uncover your next business idea. READ MORE & LISTEN IN…

Listen In: 5 Podcasts Worth Keeping An Ear To

Reading rocks. For sure.  Every notable person everywhere reads and recommends reading. It is as they say, 'a no brainer'. 

And we get that. We're readers too.

But we're also the first to admit that juggling solo careers, families, friends, and at least some physical activity often results in reading a couple of pages in bed before falling deeply asleep with little to no chance to even dog-ear the page, let alone absorb what we've read and synthesize what we've learned in any meaningful way.  

As the 'must read' books pile up and the to-do list is ever growing, it can feel like an exercise in futility just trying to finish a book.  (Even worse it can trigger college-level guilt about not getting your homework done.)

Carving time to sit down and read can be a genuine challenge. And we just want to acknowledge that as a truth. Like doing your homework, eating healthy and keeping track of your money, it should be simple and we know it's the 'right' thing to do, but somehow it can be hard.

But fear not.  Instead of staring down that disappointing stack of unread books, we suggest mixing it up a little by adding some listening into your day in order to weave some learning into the hustle and bustle of living.

One of the best ways to do this - podcasts. You can play them out while brushing your teeth, making the dinner, or making the beds. You can tune in while walking the dog,  picking up the groceries, or on those long drives to your next meeting. They're great and provide a multitasking opportunity to listen and learn. 

Now there are a whole lot of podcasts out there, and it can be a chore just finding the right one for you- where you like the host, find the content valuable, and the production quality to your liking. So to help you narrow in on the right fit for you, here's our list of five podcasts worth keeping an ear to to help keep you inspired, current, savvy, successful and realistic about entrepreneurship.  

GirlBoss Radio - Host Sophia Amoruso interviews a different women every week who's carved out a path for herself. Starting with first jobs to present accomplishments, this podcast shows how the whole journey is indeed a journey and not just about fast wins. With wit and wisdom, Amoruso has an unconventional and wildly appealing approach and interviews some really high-profile gals. 

She Did It Her Way - Every Monday and Thursday at noon, Amanda Boleyn interviews top female entrepreneurs who hone in on a specific topics to help move YOU forward as an entrepreneur. With topics ranging from starting a business on no budget to social media marketing, content management, and the importance of a social life, this twice weekly podcast offers you tangible tools and buckets of inspiration to get through even your toughest weeks over your lunch hour. 

The Lively Show - Designed to uplift and inspire, Jess Lively's podcast is consistently ranked among the top 5 positive podcast for women entrepreneurs. Jess shares her thoughts, experiences and knowledge on living with intention and offers guidance on living a more fulfilling and authentic life. There are interviews with business mavens, leaders, health and wellness experts, authors, bloggers, and other gals who feel just like your pals next door. 

Glambition Radio - Changemakers, business builders, thought leaders, and savvy guys and gals join Ali Brown every two weeks for no-nonsense talk aimed at women to inspire and motivate them to build their success, their businesses, and their financial security.  Sprinkled with humor and equal doses of reality, this show is polished, smart, and on point for creating the life you want, when and how you want it. 

How I Built This - This NPR podcast takes you on a narrative journey every week with different founders from across the nation who share honestly and authentically their stories of trials and triumphs in building their businesses, movements, and innovations. Hosted by Guy Roz, this weekly show will have you connecting with entrepreneurial all stars who will inspire by reminding you that everyone makes mistakes and travels a tough road to realize their dreams. 

So go ahead a give these podcast a try and figure out how to work them into your daily routines. 

But don't quite abandon your book pile completely, just feel okay about putting a few on the shelf.